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  2000-12-21 Paul's Betty Jean Brinkley Test One-Jack's 60th
  2000-12-25 Paul's   Test Two-Brian
  2000-12-26 Paul's   Test Three
  2001-01-05 Paul's   2005-07-21 AFSCME Rally
  2001-02-14 Paul's    
  2006 Maple Grove Cemetary, Ravenna, OH    
  2006 Grand View Cemetary, Ravenna, OH    
  2006 Riggenbach Reunion, Sardis, OH    
  2007 Bill's Ohio Trip    
  2007 Judy's Trip to Miami    
  2007 Lee and Judy's new Sun Room    
  2007 Lee and Judy Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada    
  2007 Robby, Donna, and Bryan Robert's Visit to Buford    
  2007 Parties and Tree Trimming at Jack's    
  2008 Snow Day 2    
  2008-03-26 BBQ Riggenbach Campbell    
  2008-03-31 A&E in the Spring